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Written by Cold Sweat   
Sunday, 02 March 2008 19:10

Rudy Rodenkirch - Bass & Vocals

Rudy's life in music began in his hometown of Greenfield Wisconsin, where he flirted with his fathers drum set long before focusing on a bass guitar. He eventually took lessons at age 15 for bass at Brass Bell located in a mall where he never actually studied with the teacher who was teaching there. He got yelled at more than once for not practicing. At that time he felt he needed to start teaching himself by listening to lots of records and AM radio instead.

"Rudy" later earned his part in a punk band at age 16 called M.O.L.D. The name stood for “Mosh -On -Little Dudes” or “Musical -Overdose -Loud and Distorted”. He started nurturing his interest in bass guitar when someone gave him the Stanley Clarke "School Days album. Then ventured into John Paul Jones, John Islley, Roger Waters, Chris Squire and Geddy Lee. He never took one music class in his life, when in school, but wasted hours listening to his Fathers stereo that was the size of a coffin, for his favorite songs to come on. It was the Soundtrack to the 1982 film "The Thing" by Ennio Morricone and the song "Spirits in The Material World " by the Police that really made him want to play bass.

Rudy loves singers such as Peter Gabriel, Sting, Seal, and listening to lots of World music voices. Rudy's interest in music was led by his family growing up to his Mother and Fathers band all his life. He's been singing and playing bass for bands like MOLD, Cobalt Fur, Nu Society, Love Monkeys, Riff Raff, Sabotage (A Black Sabbath tribute band). This got him into the Milwaukee scene playing gigs at an early age.

Rudy has been in Cold Sweat for the last 6 years and he recalls many great memories and stories. Cold Sweat is his family now and respects everyone in it. You'll see him on and off with other exciting side projects in the future but holds a funky foundation station in Cold Sweat. Different styles of music will always reinvent Rudy year after year and will never be prejudice to any particular type of music style. When you meet him ask him about his wall pod.

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